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Casino de MarrakechCasino de Marrakech! For the adventurous and fun loving people, Marrakech is one of the standout cities in the Arab countries that will spice up your excitement. Marrakech, situated in Morocco, is an astounding city surrounded by vast palm groove, its people uphold an enticing and friend culture, one of the reasons why it has been the home for many tourists and travelers alike.


Recognized as the Red city because of the compact buildings and structures from beaten clay.  Marrakesh homes a vibrant market square or souk as it is widely known – a must-see for every visitor. Marrakech is not called the most important city in Morocco just because of its souks and palm grooves.  It is also the home of land-based hotels casinos.

Marrakech and Gambling

Without forgetting that Morocco is one of the Arab nations where gambling is entirely legal. There are so many casinos with seven different facilities and over 100 tables. This all making gambling in Morocco a much-needed experience for gamers.

Casinos in Marocco

However, one of the standout casinos in Morocco is the famous casino de Marrakech. It occupies a traditional sit as it is the oldest casino in Morocco – first opened as far back as 1952 and has been renovated to fit the modern climate. Casino de Marrakech, part of Es Saadi Gardens & Resort has continuously been the pick for gamblers, travelers, and the local, because of its high stakes and variety of games including but not limited to baccarat, poker, roulette and the likes.

Poker Room in Casino de Marrakech

The first and only poker room in Morocco can be found in Casino de Marrakech. In this famous gambling structure hosts several international tournaments such as the WPT, Marrakech poker cup and the open. They have strict security rules such as age and dress code. Which are necessary if you’re sure you want to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

However, if you’re not sure about the security details, there are online casinos that can give you the satisfaction. Here you can win chance that you desire. In fact, the best for gamers in Morocco is the 888Casino online  and the Casino Lasvegas on Morocco Casino. There you will enjoy gaming like never before. Good Luck on

Casino de Marrakech