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Morocco CasinoWelcome on Morocco Casino ! One of the homes of the Berbers or Amazighs like they are also called, Morocco is a peaceful and ideal place for your vacation. You enjoy the comfort and humility of the fantastic views right from the modern airport in Casablanca. But that’s not the most exciting part. This nation in North Africa, “the jewel of Mediterranean” is also filled with ancient wonders. Some of the best golf course locations in the continent and one of the first universities on the planet. Hence, tourists alike are assured of mouth-watering excitement that the beaches, hotels, mountains and Morocco Casino have to offer.
One odd but interesting fact about the country is that it has both deserts and beaches. All together perfectly placed to set you ablaze and to cool you off, without crossing borders.


As one of the Arab countries with the tag of legal gambling, Morocco has its 7 gambling facilities. Scattered in 4 cities. Shem’s Casino d’Agadir, Casino Le Mirage, and Atlantic Palace Casino Resort are perfectly placed in Agadir (largest gambling city). This Casinos have over 25 tables and several gaming machines. Marrakech has just two, Es Saadi Gardens & Resort Marrakech and Le Grand Casino La Mamounia, with the remaining two facilities in El Jadida and Tangier.
Marrakech and Agadir have combined as the location for five out of the seven facilities. However, of all the casinos in Morocco, the largest is at Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort in El Jadida.

From being a European hard work of the Portuguese to the creative handwork of the French, El Jadida is an interesting spot for attractions. Filled with jovial and outgoing locals as well as the famous Mazagan casino.
The Mazagan casinos in Morocco, is the most beautiful casino in North Africa. This Casino has over 40 tables and 450 gaming machines. With top-notch and star gazing technology, this casino offers unparalleled excitement and along with this excitement comes slots & jackpots, Fariss club rewards, cash games & poker tournaments, Mazagan VIP room and table games for every taste.

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Gambling in Morocco may not come with a lot of option as only casinos, and horse track racing is endorsed, but you will not be deprived of vibrant and colorful experience. Also, there are several online casino games that will give you that thrill you seek. Some of these casinos in Arabic that you can play while in Morocco Casino are, 888Casino, Casino Las Vegas , Bwin Casino,  and many more. Good Luck in the

Morocco Casino